Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Summer

mom and kid in swimming ppol

Swimming pools offer kids plenty of summertime fun and play. From get-togethers with friends on the block or a leisurely evening swim, swimming pool activities remain as an everlasting American pastime fit for the warm weather.

Despite the great fun they provide, swimming pools come with their own set of dangers. According to CDC, drownings are the leading cause of injury related death for young children ages 1 to 4. Aside from drowning, above swimming pool safety hazards extend to the following:

  • Paralysis when a child jumps or dives into the pool
  • Head injury when a child jumps or dives into the pool
  • Children may not be able the escape the pool
  • Since pool water can spill over, decks can get wet and slippery, resulting in a slip and fall injury
  • Above ground pool structure can collapse or rupture at any time

Preventing Swimming Pool Safety Hazards

The dangers of all types pools in general can be serious. When enjoying your pool, the last thing you want to think about is your child being victim of an injury. There is no better injury prevention than the presence of an adult, but there are additional preventative steps that can also be taken to protect your child from injuries and drownings. Roseville personal injury lawyer Frank Penney recommends the following swimming pool safety tips:

  • Install a ladder inside the pool
  • Ensure kids enter and exit the pool via the ladder
  • Because ladders give pool access to underage children, install a fence around the pool
  • Consider installing a pool alarm that detects children entering the pool without supervision
  • Always watch children in the pool, and remain at arms length next to your child
  • Do not let in more kids than the pool can hold
  • Have kids wear life jackets
  • Always keep flotation devices in and around the pool
  • For above ground pools, check to see if the framework is sturdy and secure before filling with water

You can still enjoy the benefits of an above ground pool by taking precaution and following these swimming pool safety tips. But even with the greatest prevention efforts, accidents and injuries are still prone to occur unexpectedly. In case you or a loved one experience an above ground pool injury, you may have the right to compensation if the incident occurred on some one else’s property, or if the pool product proves defective. In this case, contact Roseville personal injury lawyer Frank D. Penney for immediate legal protection.

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