3 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident: Beating Public Perception

motorcycle drivers beating public perception

Public perception influences settlement amounts in every area of personal injury. After a motorcycle accident, defeating the negative public perception of motorcycle riders is essential.

Beating public perception after a motorcycle accident comes from:
(1) Being aware of the public perception issue
(2) Not playing into stereotypes
(3) Keeping the focus on their negligence and your injuries.

By following these important steps after a motorcycle accident, you can help your attorney pursue the highest settlement amount possible

1) Be Aware of the Public Perception Issue After a Motorcycle Accident

Let’s face it, when you’re driving in your car and you see a motorcycle go past, it seems like they are going at least 100 m.p.h.  If there is more than one rider, you’d expect they are racing. If the rider is young or has a tattoo you’d expect them to be in a gang. So if you’re not a speeding, racing, gang member and still ride motorcycles, what can you do?  Once you are aware of the negative perception you can recognize the need to address it head on.

2) Do Not Play Into Stereotypes

If you have been injured on a motorcycle and are being questioned by the Police Officer, try your best to be calm and speak in fluid, articulate sentences.  Do not mention that you “have gone faster on this road before and nothing has happened,” or “I have very quick reflexes and can drive at fast speeds with ease.” Your credibility can be greatly enhanced as you are calm. Also, dress appropriately. When you come to a deposition or trial, dress professionally and present your best possible front that you are not a criminal, but have been injured and are seeking justice. Your case can be greatly enhanced if the opposing attorney or jury sees you as a credible genuine individual who was injured.

3) Keep the Focus on the Relevant Issues

Your personal injury case is really about you getting compensated for being hurt.  If you have a claim it is most likely because another person was negligent and you were hurt.  The focus of your case should be on your injuries, on your claim, and on your compensation.  Do not allow ignorance, temperament, and arrogance get in the way of you receiving the best settlement of your case.  Help your attorney fight your case by defeating generalizations that do not involve your motorcycle accident case.

Case settlements are based on how much the opposing party feels a jury would award the injured party.  Juries are influenced by the type of accident and the individual making the claim.  By being aware of the public perception issue and not getting in your own way you can keep the jury or the opposing attorney focused on the real issues that add value to your case.  The issues can then give you the maximum value for your case and get you back on the road enjoying life.


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