Share the Road: Avoid Commercial Truck Accidents

freeway where cars and trucks share the road

People often have the misconception that truck and commercial vehicle accidents are more often than not, the fault of the commercial driver. In reality, only 15% of accidents involve commercial vehicles in the US, with a large percentage of those being the result of a passenger car. Here are some tips, tricks, and facts to help you avoid a commercial vehicle accident.

Commercial Vehicle Accidents: Common Causes

The most common factor in commercial vehicle collisions is the car driver’s lack of knowledge in the truck’s capabilities (i.e. acceleration, braking, and visibility limits) Some of the most common unsafe practices that cause accidents include:

  • Driving in the truck’s “No-Zones” where the truck driver’s visibility is severely limited or non-existent
  • Pulling into traffic in front of a truck without accelerating sufficiently
  • Passing a truck and being blown out of the lane by the cross-wind
  • Driving to the right of a truck in the process of making a right turn
  • Abruptly changing lanes in front of a truck
  • Failing to move a disabled vehicle onto the shoulder of a highway

Review more unsafe practices to educate yourself on the best ways to avoid commercial vehicle and truck accidents and start share the road.

Commercial Vehicle Safety Tips

While speeding down the highway whether you’re a commercial vehicle driver or just on your way to pick up the kids, there are important safety practices that can help keep the road safe for all of us. Here is a list for all drivers to keep in mind whether you are a commercial driver, or a car driver:

Don’t Overwork Yourself

If you’ve ever driven a truck or bus, you know they are powerful vehicles, and they require a driver to be at full capacity in order to keep the roads safe. Both professional and non-professional drivers should be sure to get plenty of rest before starting your drive and be sure to eat regularly to avoid illness and impaired thinking.

Know Your “No-Zone”

Every vehicle has it’s blind spots, but not all car drivers realize what these “No-Zones” are, which means a commercial driver has to be vigilant in monitoring these ares to keep the road safe. As a car driver, keep in mind that if you can’t see a truck’s mirror, they can’t see you, and you should move into the truck’s “Visibility-Zone” as soon as you can.

Ward off Tiredness

Falling asleep at the wheel is one of the leading causes of accidents on the highway. From things as simple as chewing gum or playing music, to pulling over to catch a nap or grabbing some coffee, it is important to take care of yourself and help cut down on the number of risks out there on the road. No deadline is worth putting yourself or others in danger.

Keep Your Distance

It is not always easy to keep enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you. If there is heavy traffic, or if there is an aggressive driver on the road, cars may cut in front of you. But if you hit somebody in a rear-end collision, you will most likely be considered “at fault”. Cars should always keep in mind that large commercial vehicles must continuously drive on the defensive, with enough space around them to navigate through in case of emergency. It is important for cars to be aware of a commercial vehicle’s capabilities and limitations in order to prevent accidents on the road. For more tips and tricks check out the links below. Have you or a loved one been in an accident involving a commercial vehicle? Contact Frank Penney Injury Lawyers for more information and help.


Information and help with commercial vehicle accidents:

Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents:

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