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You Can Bank on Frank

What does “You Can Bank on Frank” mean?

“You Can Bank on Frank” is more than a slogan; it means you can count on me, my personal injury attorney team, and my staff to provide high-quality and assertive personal injury representation for you and your family. When you Bank on Frank, you’ll benefit from over 100 years of combined experience in handling personal injury and wrongful death cases from our team of personal injury lawyers.

We have a proven track record for winning vehicle collision cases, such as car, motorcycle, or truck accidents. Additionally, we specialize in catastrophic injury cases, especially those involving personal injury and bodily harm. When you Bank on Frank, you allow my staff and team of personal injury lawyers to care for your holistic self and ensure you are compensated for any pain or grief an accident has caused you.

“You Can Bank on Frank” is my personal guarantee that my firm will work around the clock and as hard as possible to get you a favorable result. We have the knowledge, resources, grit and perseverance that’s required to go “toe to toe” with the attorneys in the insurance industry and the resources they have at their disposal. We are not intimidated by them and never will be.

We will always make decisions that reflect the true value of your case without being distracted by “smoke and mirror” tactics employed by insurance companies and their lawyers.

This is how I operate my firm and how I train my team of attorneys and staff.

We welcome you to contact us any time for a free case evaluation and to see how you too can Bank on Frank.

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