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Sacramento over recent years has become an increasingly more attractive place for people to move to. Much of this has to do with the affordable cost of living as well as the proximity to natural wonders like Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and other Northern California points of attraction. As Sacramento becomes a more desirable place to live, that means not just more commuters on the roads, but also more commercial trucks transporting various goods and services. And where there are more vehicles driving around in close proximity to one another, the greater the likelihood of car and truck accidents.

At first thought, it may not seem important to have the contact information for a Sacramento truck accident attorney saved in your phone, but if you’ve ever experienced the mental and emotional injuries following a truck accident, you’ll know why having good legal representation is so vital to getting life back to normal following the accident. Truck accidents are rarely as innocuous as a minor car-to-car fender bender. No, commercial trucking accidents can have catastrophic injuries as well as exponentially more complexities than your usual car accident claim

That’s why having a seasoned truck accident attorney in Sacramento on your side right from the beginning will help make sure the strongest case possible is assembled, maximizing your potential for a favorable outcome. But don’t take our word for it; see how our past clients have become our biggest fans –

After I was injured in a substantial rear-end collision, I knew I was going to need some serious help in the days ahead, so I contacted Frank Penney right away, which turned out to be a very smart move as I quickly learned that the opposition had next to no thoughts of offering me any reasonable compensation for my injuries, medical bills and lost earnings. The other insurance company fought hard to avoid accepting responsibility but James and Priscilla fought both harder and smarter on my behalf. I was shocked when my case ultimately went all the way to trial, but I was impressed watching James deliver a solid victory for my case, a victory that not only met but exceeded our last demand. I hope I am never hurt in another collision, but if I am, I’ll be returning to Frank Penney and his staff.
Kyle H. of Sacramento

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Truck Accident Cases We Have Won

Each case has its unique challenges – we understand just how difficult such situations can be. Going through a personal injury can be both traumatic and difficult to comprehend. This is why we take a more personal, empathetic approach for the clients we serve and really try to listen to their stories in order to get the full picture. Building the foundation for effective representation is an essential strategy to winning commercial truck accident cases. This is why we’ve successfully collected over $100,000,000 in injury-related cases for our clients.

Some of the recent truck accident cases we helped win settlements for:

$3,400,000 for an injured victim of a big rig truck accident
$1,650,000 for a real-ended commercial trucking accident victim
$500,000 for an injured motorcyclist struck by a truck
Wondering if your Sacramento truck accident case deserves compensation?

How our Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys are Different

We’ve seen it all. Someone experiences a personal injury due to a commercial truck accident and they think they will get the best quality of service at any law firm. The sad reality is that many personal injury lawyers don’t have the depth of knowledge in order to properly handle a truck accident claim, which leaves the victim lacking the justice they deserve. That’s why at Frank Penney Personal Injury Lawyers, we’ve assembled a team of specialized truck accident lawyers in Sacramento who not only know the ins and outs of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration law but also can speak to the uniqueness of truck accident cases.

Let our experience help you. Some of the ways commercial trucking accidents are different from other motor vehicle accident claims are as follows:

Bigger liability insurance policies

Commercial vehicles carry larger, and often multiple different insurance policies. Knowing how all policies involved relate to each other is essential

The severity of the accidents

Catastrophic injury truck accident claims usually require more compensation than what’s available in the insurance policies. If the truck accident lawyer determines the commercial trucking company and all the parties involved should provide additional contribution above the policy limits, then they would need to be able to effectively investigate the commercial company’s assets.

The immediacy of starting the investigation

From the beginning, truck accident cases require more aggressive and comprehensive investigation and reconstruction of evidence than the typical car accident claim.  

Complex Truck Law

Comprehensive research and understanding of truck law & regulations are of paramount importance. The Sacramento truck accident lawyer has to look into annual inspections/logs, special driver qualifications, and maintenance rules. 

Truckers fear losing their jobs

Since many commercial truck drivers are concerned about losing their job following an accident, they often misrepresent the facts and on many occasions, we’ve seen them just outright lie.

And these are just to name a few. At Frank Penney Injury Lawyers, we have over 25 years of experience dealing in personal injury law and helping Sacramento trucking accident victims get their lives back together following such tragic accidents. 

Types of Cases our Sacramento Truck Accident Attorneys Have Handled

Commercial Trucking Accidents

Commercial trucks such as big rigs, 18-wheelers, tractor-trailers, etc all present the same problem in a potential truck accident; their weight. The typical weight of a commercial truck is typically between 20 to 30 times more than a passenger car. These accidents can have significant costs associated with them. Make sure your rights are protected with a Sacramento truck accident attorney by your side.

Delivery Truck Accidents

With the rise in-home delivery services, there are more delivery trucks on the road than ever before. Amazon, USPS, FedEx, UPS all have their own procedures to follow, and some are even self-insured: meaning tons of paperwork and legal red tape before you reach a settlement. And if they deny your claim, then you’re stuck with repair and medical bills. Don’t let these big companies intimidate you; start the process out right by speaking to an experienced truck accident attorney in Sacramento before any claims representative who’ll try to minimize your accident.

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Most of us assume that emergency vehicles like ambulances, fire trucks and police cars get special privileges when driving on the road. Although this is true, it doesn’t mean they’re exempt from car accidents or liability. In fact, ambulance accidents are up in recent years so if you’ve been involved in one, you have the right to compensation just like any other car or motorcycle accident.

Road Construction Accidents

We all have driven through roadside construction zones. These areas are generally closely compacted portions of our roadways, whether it’s on I-80, I-5 or downtown Sacramento street. And no matter how much planning goes into these construction zones, accidents still happen. If you’ve been in a car or truck accident in a construction zone, be sure you work with a personal injury attorney who has experience dealing in road construction accidents.

Bus Accidents

Bus accidents aren’t as frequent as your typical car accident, but when they do occur, these commercial vehicle accidents are generally more catastrophic. Bus accident victims can include not just drivers and passengers of other cars, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, mopeds, and more, but also they could be pedestrians or even the bus passengers themselves. If you’ve been impacted by a bus accident, talk to one of our Sacramento personal injury lawyers today.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Over the past 25 years of practicing truck accident law, we’ve found there tends to be recurring patterns of what causes a truck accident to occur. Some of the common reasons you may need a truck accident attorney in Sacramento are due to:

Truck Driver Error/Negligence

Driver negligence is part of tort law and occurs when a driver fails to act in a responsible way. Four elements must be established in a truck accident negligence case: duty of care, a breach of duty, causation, and damages. Common examples where driver error can occurs are wide turns accidents, failure to check blind spots and general driver inattention.

Truck Driver Impairment

In California, commercial drivers must follow very strict truck driving laws involving alcohol and drugs. Vehicle code 23152 states it is unlawful for a person who’s under the influence of any drug or alcoholic beverage to drive a vehicle, and that commercial vehicle drivers can’t have a blood alcohol concentration level 0.04% or higher while driving the commercial vehicle or within 3 hours following.

Faulty and/or Poorly Maintained Equipment

Trucking law requires either the trucking company or the truck drivers themselves to properly maintain their vehicles to a standard that ensures both the safety of the truck driver as well as others on the road. They also have to routinely inspect the commercial vehicle to identify defective components, such as worn down brakes, engine components, tire integrity and chassis parts such as anchor points, load securement, axles, u-bolts and more that require repair. 


Driving faster than the posted speed limits is more than just against the law; it poses a greater danger for an auto accident. In fact, speeding was a leading cause of truck accidents outlined in a recent report. And although speeding is against the law, it makes sense why these trucking accidents occur more frequently. Truck drivers often are pressured to reach their destination faster than what’s reasonable. For this reason, it can mean that sometimes truck drivers try cutting legal corners in order to reach a delivery window on time.

Truck Driver Fatigue

Long hours, infrequent breaks, tiredness can all contribute to driver fatigue. Truck drivers must follow the 14-Hour Driving Window law outlined by the FMCSA’s Interstate Truck Driver’s Guide to Hours of Service. Failure to follow these rules can result in truck drivers falling asleep at the wheel and causing catastrophic injury or even death. That’s why the rules were made in the first place; to protect not just the truck drivers themselves, but also other motorists on the road who could be impacted by a Sacramento truck accident.

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Sacramento Personal Injury Customer Testimonials

My experience with Frank Penney’s Law Firm has been wonderful.  They were very up-front and honest with me and were able to seek the maximum reimbursement for my injuries. I hope I am in a position that I will ever need an attorney again, but if I am, I will come back!
Paul C. of Sacramento

I would like to express my appreciation for all the work Mr. Penney and his staff have done. When you are in need and people make the extra efforts to ensure you are taken care of, the difference is felt. Thank you, Frank.
Kevin G. of Sacramento

Thanks so much to the Law Offices of Frank D Penney and his staff.  I personally worked with both Priscilla and James throughout my case and they were both patient and really cared about helping me get through all of the insurance and medical issues I had after my accident.  They fought for the best possible outcome for me and didn’t give up. Thanks so much!
Kristi S. of Sacramento

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