Truck Accident Lawyer

Sacramento truck accidents are not unusual, given that there are 67 state highways running through District 3, a large area that spreads between Sacramento and Nevada, including the cities of Roseville and Folsom.

If you’ve been involved in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, please do not try to handle it on your own. Truck accidents can be far more complicated than other types of auto accidents. The trucking company or insurance company may attempt to steer you away from legal counsel because they know that if you have an auto injury attorney on your side, you are likely to receive a larger settlement.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Establishing liability in a commercial truck accident case can be tricky. The accident may have been caused by the driver, the trucking company, the crew who loaded the freight, the mechanics who inspected the equipment, or the company that manufactured the truck and its defective parts. Read more about commercial truck accidents.

Emergency Vehicle Accidents

Ambulances, fire trucks and police cars are often traveling at very high speeds, which highly increased the likelihood of injury or damage upon impact. Though they may be speeding for a good reason, the relatively recent addition of new technology has been proven to cause distracted driving accidents. Read more about emergency vehicle accidents.

Road Construction Accidents

Road construction zones can be a hazard to both the workers on-site and the drivers passing through. Roadways exposed to heavy commercial truck traffic need to be repaired often, so Sacramento and Roseville commuters are frequently exposed to construction areas. Not everyone navigates them as carefully as they should. Read more about road construction accidents.

Bus Accidents

Large buses can be a threat to pedestrians, bicyclists and other drivers. Passengers on the bus can also be injured, since most buses don’t come equipped with seat belts. People often stand in the aisles, where they can easily be jolted. Bus drivers have a responsibility to drive safely, and bus companies (or local governments, in the case of public transit) have a responsibility to make sure the vehicles are properly maintained, and to employ only careful drivers. Read more about bus accidents.

Your Truck Accident Case – There is Help

It is in your best interest to only discuss your case with an experienced, local truck accident lawyer. We have had major success in winning truck accident cases and we’re prepared to make sure you get the compensation you deserve after your traumatic experience.

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