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Sacramento Personal Injury Lawyer

Serving the Sacramento area over the past 25 years has allowed my team of personal injury lawyers to help those suffering from life’s worst tragedies, and get them the justice they deserve. Whether it’s an injury due to a car accident, a neck or back injury, slip and fall incident, or even a wrongful death, any successful personal injury lawyer in the Sacramento area knows they’re only as good as their ability to help bring positive results to the clients they serve. My team of Sacramento lawyers and legal professionals fight day in and day out to do just that. We have built a track record for success, handling some of the most complex personal injury cases, and have raving fans to prove it:

“I am a very happy client of Mr. Penney’s and would recommend his firm to all of my family and friends if in need of an attorney. Sarah and Frank were so very helpful, and patient with me from all of my calling for updates, they never made me feel as if I was being a nuisance (and I know I was at times). They are greatly appreciated for all of their hard work with my difficult case.”
Tamara B. of Sacramento

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Personal Injury Cases We Have Won

Each case has its unique challenges – we understand just how difficult such situations can be. Going through a personal injury can be both traumatic and difficult to comprehend. This is why we take a more personal, empathetic approach for the clients we serve and really try to listen to their stories in order to get the full picture. Building the foundation for effective representation is an essential strategy to winning personal injury cases. This is why we’ve successfully collected over $100,000,000 in injury-related cases for our clients.

Some of the recent personal injury cases we helped win settlements for:

$4,500,000 for a motorcyclist who was hit due to motorist’s illegal U-turn
$1,000,000 for a real-end collision victim
$650,000 for a carpenter struck by a vehicle
Wondering if your personal injury deserves compensation?

Road Traffic Accidents

The most common type of personal injury case we handle is car accident claims. In Sacramento, according to a recent report, the intersection of 34th Street & Second Avenue ranks as one of the worse intersections in the Sacramento area. There have been 21 reported automobile accidents in the last 8 years in that intersection alone. Other problematic street sections for car accidents in Sacramento are:

If you’ve been in a car or motorcycle accident and believe you have a legal case, make sure you are represented by a Sacramento personal injury lawyer who personally knows the complexities of driving around the city.

Work Accidents

Work accidents can vary widely, but the more common causes of work-related accidents are slip-and-fall incidents. According to a 2018 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the private sector reported 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injures and illnesses. The sad reality is that many workplace injuries are avoidable. But due to improper workplace safety standards or poor managerial oversight, many victims of negligence in the workplace don’t get the representation they need to stand up for themselves.

That’s why it’s crucial to know your rights, and if you’ve suffered an injury while on the job and need legal help, one of our Sacramento work injury lawyers would be happy to speak with you.

Slip and Fall Accidents

100% of all falling accidents are preventable, says the National Safety Council. Nevertheless, each year millions of people get treated in emergency rooms for fall-related personal injuries. Why is something that’s so preventable still so pervasive in our society? Although the answer may vary on the situation, we know that some common causes of slip and fall accidents are:

Don’t let someone else’s negligence be the reason you suffer. Speak to a slip and fall accident attorney today.

Product Defect Accidents/Product Liability

Defective Product liability cases can be complex and require a highly rated personal injury lawyer to properly explore all aspects of the case and ensure all sellers of the product who are part of the distribution chain are held accountable. If you buy a defective product and it causes personal injury, there may be more parties needing to be held liable than initially thought.

Design defects, manufacturing defects and failure to warn are the 3 most common types of product liability claims we see. We have successfully handled thousands of personal injury cases and our Sacramento personal injury attorneys can walk you through what to do if you have been harmed by any defective product.


Most personal injury cases are the result of negligent behavior. Generally speaking, negligence occurs when someone fails to exercise care towards others which a reasonable person would do in the same circumstance. Even if someone did not intend to cause harm through their actions, negligence can still hold the defendant party liable.

However, not all negligence cases are equally evaluated. Each type of negligence case has specific rules. That’s why it’s important to work with a seasoned Sacramento personal injury lawyer who can help answer your legal questions and guide you through the case evaluation process, free of charge.

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Sacramento Personal Injury Customer Testimonials

“The Law offices of Frank Penney were very helpful, they gave me the best help I could ask for, and settled my case very fast and with more $$$ then I thought id get… I recommend them to everyone… Thank you for everything!!!!!”
Joseph G. of Sacramento

“The Law Offices of Frank D. Penney are awesome, I just finished with a 2-year process with them, and every month I’ve received feedback about my case. I never had to call or be concerned about what was going on. They kept me posted on everything that was going on with my case, and I found that very professional. If you ever need a lawyer to represent you, they have the best selection, and I recommend them under every circumstance. Thank You for everything and all your time.”
Shaniece M. of Sacramento

“Prompt and courtesy service. Great staff.”
Jeffrey G. of Sacramento

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