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Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

Sacramento has long since been a hub for culture, business, and politics. Now, with the recent developments in Downtown Sacramento, as well as a surge of people moving to the area, It’s no wonder that Sacramento is one of the worst cities for car accidents. In fact, Sacramento ranked as the top metropolitan city with the worst drivers in the US for 2016, and although it has improved slightly, it still ranks #1 as the California city with the worst drivers. And as a Sacramento car accident lawyer who handles a wide variety of auto collision cases, I’ve seen first hand the damage these car accidents can cause. 

And oftentimes, the damage done to the physical and emotional well-being of my clients far exceeds that of the damage done to the vehicles themselves, whether it be car, truck or motorcycle. That’s why my team of Sacramento car accident attorneys really care for the people we help & take the time to listen to each personal injury victim’s story, so they know we’re here for them as a person and not just some case to win a settlement for. Take this case testimonial as an example:

“I got in a car accident and didn’t know what to do. I just moved from out of state and was referred to Frank. He spoke to me personally and his staff is so attentive and nice. He always returned my calls and was there for me. Plus I got more money than I ever expected. I highly recommend Frank Penney Injury Lawyers! You can definitely Bank on Frank!”
McKenna B. of Sacramento

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Car Accident Cases We Have Won

Each case has its unique challenges – we understand just how difficult such situations can be. Going through a car accident can be both traumatic and difficult to comprehend. This is why we take a more personal, empathetic approach for the clients we serve and really try to listen to their stories in order to get the full picture. Building the foundation for effective representation is an essential strategy to winning personal injury cases. This is why we’ve successfully collected over $100,000,000 in injury-related cases for our clients.

Some of the recent vehicle accident cases we helped win settlements for:

$4,500,000 for a motorcyclist who was hit due to motorist’s illegal U-turn
$1,500,000 for a motorist who was hit by a drunk driver
$1,000,000 for a rear-end collision victim
Wondering if your personal injury deserves compensation?

Types of Sacramento Car Accident Cases We’ve Handled

Drunk Driving Accidents

Going through a car accident is difficult enough, let alone surviving one due to a drunk driver’s reckless behavior. 1 in 3 car accident deaths in the US involve drunk driving and according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), drunk driving is still the #1 cause of death on roadways. If you’ve gone through a drunk driving accident in the Sacramento area and suffered an injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving accidents are all too common, accounting for nearly 400,000 injuries due to a distracted driver in 2018. And out of these injuries, the NHTSA recorded 2,841 deaths in 2018 due to distracted driving, labeling it as one of the worst types of risky driving. Texting while driving around the Sacramento area is never excusable, and if you are one of the thousands of victims who suffer each year due to a distracted driving accident, be sure you consult a distracted driving attorney who knows the ins and outs of California law. 

Teen Driving Accidents

Each year, thousands of new teen drivers take to the streets, however many aren’t prepared for the responsibility of adopting safe driving practices. Based on a 2017 report by the GHSA, 1,830 young drivers were killed in teen driving accidents. The report continues:

“teen drivers have crash rates three times those of drivers age 20 and older per mile driven.”

If you or your son or daughter has been involved in a teen driving accident in the Sacramento area, get the representation you need to protect your family and loved ones.

Wrongful Death Car Accidents

Suffering from the death of a loved one is unbearable, especially when it could have been avoidable. Something as small as failing to yield to oncoming traffic can be a life or death mistake. That’s why if they’ve died due to a wrongful death car accident, it’s important to consult a Sacramento wrongful death attorney to help you get the justice you deserve and make space for the grieving process.

Neck Injury Accidents

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries related to car accidents. Even if the car accident wasn’t a serious one, the sudden jerk of a car stopping is more than enough to cause serious harm to your neck and back. A good Sacramento neck injury lawyer will act quickly to gather all of the details of your accident and build a strong case with your best outcome in mind.

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Driving without insurance is illegal and in California, if you are driving even with a lapsed insurance policy, you are at risk of losing your license upwards of a year. California has strict uninsured motorist penalties because drivers without active insurance are a burden on society. 

If involved in an uninsured car accident, don’t let your insurance company blame you for the accident or sustaining bodily injury by uninsured or underinsured individuals. Our team of Sacramento car accident lawyers will ensure you aren’t bullied or intimidated by insurance companies who are supposed to be there for you when you need it most.

Negligent Road Design Accidents

Negligent road design accidents are a tricky breed of car accident cases to handle, but we have the experience and resolve to know what it takes to hold local governing bodies accountable. On top of following the strict rules for filing a lawsuit against local municipalities, there are specific forms that need filling out correctly. And finally after getting through the initial “red tape”, there’s the hurdle of proving that your accident was caused by negligent road design, which can require answering complex engineering and mathematical questions.

In order to stand the best chance of winning your negligent road design case, you’ll want to make sure an experienced Sacramento personal injury lawyer is in your corner.

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Sacramento Car Accident Customer Testimonials

“Last year my wife was involved in an auto injury accident caused by a careless driver. Attorney Paul Hoybjerg helped us navigate through this stressful time. Thank you Paul for dealing with the hospital, doctors, and insurance matters, relieving our anxiety. We highly recommend Frank Penny Injury Lawyers and attorney Paul Hoybjerg.”
Joe T.

“Priscilla was awesome! My wife and I were in a major accident and were not at fault. We tried working with the insurance company of the driver at fault and they would not work with us. Priscilla was able to take the stress off of us and did everything she could to make it as easy as possible. This is a Rockstar firm and I would send anyone I know to them!”
Ryan S.

“After I was injured in a substantial rear-end collision, I knew I was going to need some serious help in the days ahead, so I contacted Frank Penney right away, which turned out to be a very smart move as I quickly learned that the opposition had next to no thoughts of offering me any reasonable compensation for my injuries, medical bills and lost earnings. The other insurance company fought hard to avoid accepting responsibility but James and Priscilla fought both harder and smarter on my behalf. I was shocked when my case ultimately went all the way to trial, but I was impressed watching James deliver a solid victory for my case, a victory that not only met but exceeded our last demand. I hope I am never hurt in another collision, but if I am, I’ll be returning to Frank Penney and his staff. Thanks to James and Priscilla for getting me such a positive outcome.”
Kyle H.

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