Road Construction Accidents

Sacramento and Roseville commuters are exposed to road construction areas almost every day. With the heavy commercial truck traffic traveling on I-80 and I-5, road repairs are constantly underway. This presents a threat to both the drivers and road workers.

Work Zone Injuries

Road construction workers average an injury every 14 minutes; luckily, the majority of injuries aren’t fatal. Workers face hazards from:

Serious injuries and fatalities can also occur as a result of collisions, runovers or backovers by construction vehicles, and being struck by heavy equipment.

Passenger Car Injuries

Driving through a road construction zone can be a harrowing experience, often because other drivers aren’t obeying traffic rules as they zip around workers and moving construction vehicles. Typical causes of car accidents such as distracted driving or drunk driving are multiplied when there are additional obstacles in place. Then there is also the risk of passing through a poor road design construction zone that hasn’t been posted with adequate signage, includes sharp turns, or requires merging at high speeds with a short amount of roadway.

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What to Do After a Road Construction Accident

Whether you are a worker or a driver, there is a high likelihood that your accident was caused by negligence, either on the part of another driver, another worker, or a government agency. These types of cases often involve complicated engineering questions and expert testimony. It is important that you document the details of your accident and contact one of our experienced personal injury lawyers right away for a free case evaluation.

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