bus accident in woods with branches going through window, call bus accident injury attorney bus accident in woods with branches going through window, call bus accident injury attorney

Bus Accidents Lawyer

There are various types of bus accidents that can occur: with school buses, public transit, and private company buses or vans. The considerable size of most buses creates significant impact that can result in serious injury or even fatality.

Our firm has experience in fighting a wrongful death case that was caused by a tragic bus collision. Working on a joint prosecution team, we secured over 7 million dollars for all claimants.

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Bus accident victims include:

Since most buses don’t come equipped with seat belts and passengers sometimes have to stand in the aisles, it’s possible for a passenger to to be jolted or even ejected from the bus during a collision.

Who is at Fault?

Depending on the circumstances, the bus accident may be caused by the driver’s negligence, or the bus company’s negligence to follow through with repairs and maintenance. Large commercial buses are similar to large commercial trucks in that frequent inspections are legally required; but even when repairs are made to faulty equipment, they may not necessarily be made properly.

In accidents with public school buses and public transit, the liable party may be a government entity. In these cases, it’s very important that claims be filed within a given deadline, usually only six months after the accident. Your school bus accident lawyer will investigate and comply with a very specific set of procedures.

What You Can Do After a Bus Accident Injury

First, seek medical care and document as many details about the accident as you can. Then contact one of the experienced personal injury attorneys in our office right away. We cover all of the investigative details, like viewing security camera footage, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining copies of the police report. Our job is to make sure you receive the highest possible compensation for your pain and suffering.

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