Personal Injury Case Testimonials

two clients talk to Personal Injury Attorney Frank Penney two clients talk to Personal Injury Attorney Frank Penney

“Treated Me Like I Was Not Just a Client”

Frank D. Penny Law firm has done a wonderful job for me, everything from start to finish was fairly easy they did not stress me out. Joshua Boyce was very caring if I had any questions I could call him at anytime for answers, he was very knowledgeable he treated me like I was not just a client but more like a family member. All in all I could not have asked for better attorneys they handled my case with utmost care … thank you all!

- Larry G.

“I am Beyond Grateful”

Huge thank you to everyone at Frank Penney’s law office. My settlement took two years to finish because I had SO MANY treatment facilities, doctors, bills, etc. from my car accident, and Mr. Penney’s office told me everything they needed and we worked together to get the best settlement we could. I am beyond grateful. Seriously if you need someone who will help you, work with you, and benefit everyone, go to Frank Penney. And a special thanks to Sarah at his office!!!!

- Kyli O.

“Achieved a Result Better Than Expected”

We can happily recommend Frank Penny Lawyers to anyone needing a personal injury firm. Not only were they professional and achieved a result better than expected, Frank, his associates and staff are personable and comfortable to work with.

- Neil C.

“This is a Rockstar Firm!”

Priscilla was awesome! My wife and I were in a major accident and were not at fault. We tried working with the insurance company of the driver at fault and they would not work with us. Priscilla was able to take the stress off of us and did everything she could to make it as easy as possible. This is a Rockstar firm and I would send anyone I know to them!

- Quantum Garage

“James and Priscilla Fought Both Harder & Smarter on My Behalf”

After I was injured in a substantial rear-end collision, I knew I was going to need some serious help in the days ahead, so I contacted Frank Penney right away, which turned out to be a very smart move as I quickly learned that the opposition had next to no thoughts of offering me any reasonable compensation for my injuries, medical bills and lost earnings. The other insurance company fought hard to avoid accepting responsibility but James and Priscilla fought both harder and smarter on my behalf. I was shocked when my case ultimately went all the way to trial, but I was impressed watching James deliver a solid victory for my case, a victory that not only met but exceeded our last demand. I hope I am never hurt in another collision, but if I am, I’ll be returning to Frank Penney and his staff. Thanks to James and Priscilla for getting me a such positive outcome.

- Kyle H.

“Understanding and Helpful Throughout This Very Hard Time”

Frank D. Penney Law office was such a pleasure to work with. After interviewing several other law offices to handle our case we knew we would allow Frank D. Penney to take our case the moment he left the room. His office was able to make our four individual cases run smoothly together. They were so understanding and so helpful throughout this very hard time we’ve all had to live through. They were very professional yet personable from the secretary to the top from day one. Individually and as a group in regards to the office I think I speak for all four of us when I say how much of a blessing this office has been to us. I highly recommend this office for any personal injury cases, I know you will not be disappointed.

- Elena F.

“They Were Very Up-Front and Honest with Me”

My experience with Frank Penney’s Law Firm has been wonderful. They were very up-front and honest with me and were able to seek the maximum reimbursement for my injuries. I hope I am in a position that I will ever need an attorney again, but if I am, I will come back!

- Paul C.

“I Received the Maximum Policy Pay-outs”

In May 2014, I was rear ended on my way home from work. I knew early on that physically, there was something wrong. As the primary earner for my family, my greatest concern was ending up with substantial debt as a result of the cost of my need for ongoing medical care. Frank’s staff was very helpful in putting me at ease by ensuring that I always received regular updates on the status of my case. Then, in October 2015, I was rear ended on my way to work. A second rear ender? Really? I couldn’t believe it. It was unfathomable; I was absolutely frazzled and flabbergasted. But yet again, Frank and his staff were incredibly supportive in helping me navigate what was now an even more complex situation.

After two years and having to endure constant doctors appointments, constantly getting prescriptions and finally the process of having titanium rods hammered in to my hip/SI joint, Priscilla specifically, was incredibly effective at ensuring that I received the maximum policy pay outs that spanned across three different insurance companies. The payouts were sufficient to cover the medical costs and then some. Ultimately, these accidents have changed my life and have limited my physical abilities. The impact to me impacts my family but I cannot imagine having to manage this ridiculous situation without the support of Frank’s team (Priscilla, James, Elsa, Rachel and Yuri). If you need support and want to be treated like a person in the process, Frank Penney’s firm is the firm for you.

- D.R.

“Recommend Friends & Family to This Law Firm”

They were awesome. Very professional and would recommend friends and family to this law firm. I would definitely come back. My attorney was Priscilla and she was great! Answered all my calls and if I left her a voicemail she would call right back.

Randy S.

“Great Experience! Thank You!”

After searching for a Personal Injury attorney for several weeks, a friend recommended Frank Penney to me. I am very grateful she did!! He and his staff were amazing! I was kept informed throughout the litigation process. Frank Penney was professional, courteous and even funny! He is someone who will fight and fight until he maximizes the outcome. I received far more than I ever expected!!! Thanks again to Frank Penney Injury Lawyers!!!

- Krista

“The Best Decision I Ever Made”

Call Frank Penney Law and let go of your worry and frustration and secure needed funds for future possible medical care. We were rear ended and our SUV totaled. Our family had just moved to NC from CA. My daughter and I were together in the car and were injured from the accident. Our first priority was getting better and finding the proper medical care that would lead to a full recovery. I also had to deal with the auto and medical insurance companies and all the bills that start coming in the mail after receiving needed medical treatment. It was becoming overwhelming and then came all sorts of letters in the mail from lawyers that wanted our case. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of their attempts to get my business. But I needed help. I called Frank, since I had known him when we lived in CA, and when he explained how he and his staff could help me and basically take everything off my plate that was stressing me out and that our physical location across the country didn’t matter, I said “yes, please help us.” Frank talked with me as if he had all the time in the world and I felt completely comfortable turning everything over to him. The settlement was more than I could have received on my own and the fact that I could hand it all over to him to resolve was without a doubt worth it! It was the best decision I ever made throughout this process. We were supported by Frank’s knowledgeable staff. I can, without hesitation, recommend Penney law offices with the highest praise.

- Janna

“Offered to Cover Our Medical Costs”

In May, 2010, I was involved in an automotive accident. The car was totaled, but luckily no one from either party was fatally injured. However, I suffered from whiplash in the neck and spine, a broken bone, and severe external bruises. We went to several specialists beginning with a chiropractor, and finishing with a neurologist. We were referred to the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney from family friends and professionals in the medical field. We began meeting with Frank Penney that same month. He was very straightforward with his intentions towards our case. We felt that he was caring and considerate. His law offices offered to cover the entirety of our medical costs until the settlement came through, which totaled approximately $18,000! After some back and forth propositions, we did settle. In the end, it was only thanks to the professional help and advice of Frank Penney that we were able to receive an amount that we felt was fair. Throughout the entire case, we always knew that our best interests and justice is what Frank valued. He is excellent!

- Kayla

“Staff Put Me at Ease Instantly”

When I first contacted the Law Offices of Frank D Penney after my accident, I was frustrated with car insurance companies, and medical insurance companies; after all, I was in pain. He and his staff staff put me at ease instantly! It was such a relief to have someone working on MY BEHALF! They were able to settle my case for more than I initially thought it was worth. THANKS AGAIN!!!

- Krista H.

“This Was a Very Difficult and Emotional Time”

I was injured an automobile accident in November 2010 at no fault of my own. The Law offices of Frank D. Penney was highly recommended to me from a friend. I was injured and could not get to their office, they accommodated me by coming to my home immediately. From the minute they came to my home to get all the information regarding the accident until the case was settled, the entire staff was professional, patient and explained to me throughout the entire process exactly was was going on and what to expect. They always responded in a very timely manner to all questions and inquiries. This was a very difficult and emotional time for me and thanks Frank D Penney and his staff, I felt very comfortable and at ease the entire time. The legalities of my case were a bit unusual and I could not ask for a better outcome. I highly recommend Frank D Penney and many thanks to their office for all they did for me.

- Brenda Y.

“Gave Me Peace of Mind”

When I was in my car accident, I was worried about having to deal with the insurance companies. My main worry, were the medical bills going to be payed? Especially since the accident was not my fault. When I talked to Mr. Penney, he told me I had nothing to worry about, that it would all be taken care of. That is exactly what happened. I had nothing to worry about. Mr. Penney and his office took care of everything. I never had to call to find out what was going on with my case. I was always well informed, and that gave me peace of mind. If I ever need an attorney again, I will not think twice to use Mr. Penney.

- Leslie A.

“No Stone Was Left Unturned”

I was thoroughly impressed with Frank Penney the first time I met him. He was concerned about my situation and believed he could help me by taking my case. He not only helped me, but secured more of a settlement than I could have imagined! His staff were very friendly, efficient, and caring. Every aspect of my case was investigated, and I was informed at every step of what was happening. I was included in the decision making aspect of the settlement, and no stone was left unturned! I would recommend Frank Penney to anyone looking for a good attorney!

- Linda L.

“Recommend Without Hesitation”

Great firm. It was so easy, I just let them do all the work, they made sure I got treated fairly and I was 100% satisfied. Never had to deal with anyone at the insurance company, got all my medical paid for! Would recommend without hesitation.

- Mark A.

“Thankfully, I Chose Frank Penney”

I am so thankful I choose Frank Penney. They made me feel important and were there for me every step of the way. Please take my advice and give them a call if you’re ever injured in an accident.

- Rance V.

“Resolved My Case Much Sooner Than I Expected”

I found Frank Penney and his staff to be sympathetic to my situation. Mr. Penney is the attorney you would want to represent you. He is professional and aggressive, he resolved my case much sooner than I expected. Not only is his staff outstanding and knowledgeable, they were sincerely concerned about how I felt, before and after my surgery. I was kept informed of the status of my case and my questions were answered without hesitation. I would not hesitate to recommend the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney to family and friends.

- Dorothy R.

“I Didn’t Know What to Expect”

This was my first experience with any type of law firm and I didn’t know what to expect. It was a long process but for the most part everything went well.

- Nisha C.

“Able to Pay Off All Medical Expenses”

I just finished a 3 year battle of lawyers and insurance agencies. Thanks to the Law Offices of Frank Penney I was able to pay off all medical expenses and still had a little to spare. Thank you to everyone in the office for all your help.

- Andrea G.

“I Was Hit by a Hit and Run Driver”

I was involved in a rather serious motor vehicle accident. I received medical visits and physical therapy. I also lost income. Frank Penney and James Lewis worked on my case, and, after a few months, they were able to get the insurance company to pay their limit of $100,000.* Unfortunately, I recently had another vehicle accident. I hired Frank Penney right away. He is a great lawyer!

I had another very serious car accident a few years later. I hired the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, PC again. I was hit by a hit and run driver. My vehicle was completely smashed. The insurance company made me low offers and didn’t believe my claim for lost income. I had to have arthroscopic knee surgery. The insurance lawyer forced us to trial and I got an award of $93,000, much more than what I was offered. I recommend the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, PC once again and my experience was positive both times.

- Arlene W.

“I Had No Insurance”

I was a passenger in an automobile accident and had mild brain injuries. The driver at fault only had $15,000 in insurance coverage. I had no insurance. There was no other insurance available. Frank Penney took my case and forced the insurance company to pay more by claiming they acted in bad faith. My case eventually settled for $225,000.* I am so thankful that he was aggressive and did not sit on his laurels just asking for the $15,000. He definitely goes the distance.

- Alfredo T.

“The Insurance Adjuster Scoffed at Me”

I would recommend Frank Penney to anyone that wants a lawyer who will go the distance. He was very understanding of my needs and spoke to me as a real person. The insurance company offered me $4,500 for my whiplash automobile case. The insurance adjuster and attorney scoffed at me and felt that I did not have any real injuries. Frank Penney stuck with me the entire way and took my case to trial. The jury awarded me $40,000, plus the costs of my trial.* Frank Penney went the distance and got me what I deserved.

- Drusilla C.B.

“Settlement Allowed Me to Buy a House”

You will not find a more thorough lawyer than Frank Penney. He gets to the bottom of things and produces results. He is courteous, friendly, and amazingly down-to-earth. His office staff was responsive and kept me up to date on my case. No stone was left unturned! Frank produced a very powerful power point presentation to the insurance company and their lawyers, which resulted in a total settlement of $450,000* for my injuries. This settlement allowed me to buy a house for my wife and child and start a new career. My life was changed for the better because of Frank Penney. I would recommend him to anyone.

- Dave A.

“Thankful I Hired Frank Penney”

My attorneys with the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, PC worked very hard on my case to give me the best result. The insurance company adjuster and their attorney did not accept responsibility for my car accident and felt their driver was in the right. They blamed me for many things that made me upset. My attorneys were very aggressive making sure that my rights were protected. Eventually I had back surgery and needed future medical care and treatment. In the end, my attorneys were able to force the insurance lawyer to pay the policy limit (the most the insurance policy allowed), which was $1,000,000.00.* I am so thankful I hired Frank Penney and will forever be grateful I called his office to help me.

- Robert C.

“They Took Action Immediately”

My seventy-five year old mother was killed in a car accident. I hired a different lawyer who said he could help me and told me everything I wanted to hear. However, after a year I realized I made a mistake. I then hired the Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, PC. They took action immediately. They started a comprehensive investigation and forced the insurance company to admit fault and agree that it needed to pay. My attorneys were able to get the insurance companies to pay $675,000.00.* My attorneys made me very comfortable and treated me with compassion and respect. I would recommend The Law Offices of Frank D. Penney, PC to anyone that has lost a loved one in a vehicle accident.

- Rigoberto F.

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