Pedestrian Accident Settlement Brings Pain Relief for Back Injury

victim of pedestrian injury accident at work as carpenter

In this case, pursuing a pedestrian accident settlement achieved more than financial compensation for our client — it actually fixed his injury!

The plaintiff was a 46-year-old carpenter who was struck by a vehicle in Placer County. After the accident, he began to suffer from chronic lower back pain affecting his occupation and some activities of daily living. Since carpentry is physical labor that requires a lot of bending and lifting, his lower back injuries significantly impaired his ability to work and earn a living.

Client Dropped from Active Health Care

As if the pain and stress weren’t enough to deal with, our client’s health insurance-assigned doctors failed to explore the causes of his injuries, essentially dropping him from active care.

Our team was able to bring in more qualified experts to identify the problems and have them resolved through bilateral L4-5 lower back surgery. Though surgery is expensive, the $650,000 back injury settlement we won more than covered his medical expenses and time away from work.

We Solve Personal Injury Problems

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are frustrated with the medical care you are receiving, be sure to mention that when you reach out for a free case evaluation.

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