Church Youth Counselor Compensated $1.5 Million

a drunk driving accident victim struggles to walk

The case of a high-speed, head-on motor vehicle collision in Lassen County was settled this year for $1.5 million.

Our client, a 54-year-old church youth counselor, sustained severe fractures to her leg and ankle during the drunk driving accident. Multiple surgeries were required to repair the bones with hardware. She was unable to walk or move naturally for some time and continues to have functional limitations as a result of the accident.

The collision occurred when the intoxicated driver of a 2008 Lexus crossed over a highway center divider, impacting the victim’s vehicle head-on. Our personal injury attorneys were able to prove the residual nature of the injuries and focus on the horrific conduct of the defendant drunk driver.

How Much Can You Get After a Drunk Driving Injury Case?

If it can be proven that your injuries were the result of a drunk driver’s negligence, the driver’s insurance company will be required to compensate you for damages in an amount up to the policy limit. Actual personal injury case settlements are determined by several variables, such as:

  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and physical therapy bills.
  • Lost wages as a result of the injuries sustained in the accident and time spent in recovery.
  • Compensation for pain, suffering, and inconvenience after the incident.
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress caused by the accident.
  • Psychological or psychiatric treatment needed as a result the accident.
  • Loss of earning capacity when injuries prohibit you from performing your usual job.
  • Permanence of injuries, damages, and impairment that result from the accident.

Why You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

As shocking as it may seem, insurance companies and their adjusters will try to avoid accepting liability even in a drunk driving case. They will do their best to blame your injuries on pre-existing medical conditions, prior accident injuries, or degenerative changes in order to minimize your settlement. An experienced car accident lawyer will make sure you get the full compensation you deserve.


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