Don’t Wait to Investigate!

Try your case in the beginning, not the end.

Motorcycle Accident Investigation

Make sure you choose a law team investigates right away and finds the facts.

In other words, act like your case is going to trial right away by gathering the evidence immediately.  Too many lawyers wait until the end to spend the necessary time and money on a case.  By then, most of the critical evidence is gone, causing problems with the resolution of the case, either by settlement or trial.

For time critical personal injury cases, our team dispatches a field investigator immediately.  Our investigator promptly visits the scene to take photos and sometimes video.  He contacts unrepresented parties and witnesses to take statements (do not assume the police officer will ask all the questions).  He hunts for the facts to support our client’s position regarding liability, damages, insurance and financial viability.

In a recent case, our investigator uncovered information within weeks of the accident that eventually led to a personal injury settlement of $1,200,000.  If he had waited, the settlement would have been less than half of that amount.

In one of our motorcycle cases, an independent witness told the police officer that our client was going “way too fast.”  When our investigator took the witness’ statement and asked her to estimate his speed, her estimate was lower than the posted speed limit!  The insurance company promptly paid the insurance limit of $100,000!

Every lawyer will tell you he or she is the best and that they will investigate the case right away.  Unfortunately, most of them define “investigation” as a Google search. Be sure to hire a personal injury lawyer who will “hit the ground running.”  Don’t be fooled by empty verbal promises. For more about the results we get for clients, see our case settlements. And be sure to take advantage of the personal injury resources we have as well.

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