• a stereotypical biker who could be unfairly blamed for motorcycle accident

    California Bill Could Have Ended Motorcycle Profiling

    In February of this year, a bill was introduced by Assembly Member Anna Caballero (D-Salinas) that would have it illegal for law enforcement officials to engage in “motorcycle profiling.” The successful passing of this bill likely would have had a significant impact on future California motorcycle accident cases. Co-authored by Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin (D-South San […]

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  • harley davidson recall

    Motorcycle Accidents Spur Harley-Davidson Recall

    Harley-Davidson has issued a recall for 57,000 motorcycles, for an issue that seems minor, but can easily cause motorcycle accidents. The recall is specific to 2017 motorcycles manufactured from July 2nd, 2016, to May 9th, and more info can be found on their website. This is the first recall issue specific to their newest engine, […]

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  • lane splitting in california

    Will New Motorcycle Lane Splitting Law Reduce Accidents?

    On January 1st, 2017, California became the first US state to legalize “lane-splitting”, also known as “lane-sharing” and “traffic filtering.” It is the well known practice in California of riding between cars on motorcycles. Lane-splitting is thought to have originated because all motorcycle engines were once entirely air-cooled and would quickly overheat if not kept moving. […]

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  • Motorcycle Safety: What You Can Do to Avoid Accidents

    Motorcycle riding has become more popular in recent years, appealing to a new group of enthusiasts consisting of older and more affluent riders. A 2012 study found that there were 8.5 million motorcycles on the road and this statistic has likely increased over the last three years. But if you’re not taking the appropriate safety […]

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  • motorcycle accident claim

    What’s the Real Value of Your Motorcycle Accident Claim?

    Before you can determine what the value of your motorcycle accident claim, you need to look at two very important factors: Was the other party liable? Were there property or personal injury damages? Unless you can prove the answer is yes to both, the value of your case is virtually zero. This is because “liability” is […]

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  • non contact motorcycle accident

    Determining Negligence in No Contact Motorcycle Accidents

    Not every motorcycle accident is a contact crash. An automobile driver can be liable for a motorcyclist’s injuries and property damage even when they have not physically touched the motorcycle rider. The question is whether the driver was negligent. Determining Negligence Negligence is failing to exercise reasonable care. If a reasonable person would have behaved […]

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  • motorcycle drivers beating public perception

    3 Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident: Beating Public Perception

    Public perception influences settlement amounts in every area of personal injury. After a motorcycle accident, defeating the negative public perception of motorcycle riders is essential. Beating public perception after a motorcycle accident comes from: (1) Being aware of the public perception issue (2) Not playing into stereotypes (3) Keeping the focus on their negligence and […]

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  • motor scooter safety tips

    Motor Scooter Safety Tips

    In recent years, the popularity of motor scooters surged into a cultural norm: Vespas, mopeds and other electric scooter sales increased by 50% in 2011, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. Whether young or old, individuals of all ages and backgrounds turn to motor scooters as a fun and efficient way to cruise around town. […]

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  • ambulance

    Hit and Run Accident Causes Injury to Motorcyclist

    A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a hit and run accident in Citrus Heights. The accident, which occurred just after noon on Monday December 10th, occurred at the intersection of Greenback and Birdcage, near sunrise mall. Motorcycle Accident Causes Personal Injury According to a Citrus Heights Police Department news release, the driver of the van […]

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  • Accident Lawyer’s Motorcycle Ride to Nowhere

    I was strapped to a Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide, moving my entire body to the rhythm of the everlasting winding road simply called “The Road to Hana.” It must’ve been ironic to see a Roseville accident lawyer hoppin’ on his Harley for the ride of a lifetime. In the middle of nowhere. The road […]

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