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    New California Drunk Driving Law Restricts Uber & Lyft Drivers

    Commencing July 1, 2018, a California DUI law will go into effect making it illegal for drivers with a blood alcohol content level of .04 percent or higher to operate a vehicle that carries a passenger for hire. “Passenger for hire” is a legal definition meaning “a passenger for whom consideration is contributed as a […]

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  • man driving under influence

    Drugged Driving Surpasses Drunk Driving Accident Rates

    A recent study released in April by the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reported that drivers who were involved in a fatal car accident caused by drugs has surpassed the percentage impaired by alcohol. Also, in a roadside study, they found that around 15% tested positive for some illegal drug or marijuana. And of that […]

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  • How Vehicle Fires Affect Driver Safety During Fire Season

    For most of us, vehicle fires seem an infrequent event that often leads to a cataclysmic explosion. Outside Hollywood, the explosions don’t happen so much, but the fires still do. Nationwide, 17 car fires are reported every hour, and some of them are preventable with a little fire awareness. Two-thirds of vehicle fires start by […]

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  • work zone road construction accident

    Road Construction Accidents and California “Move Over” Law

    All 50 US states have passed a “move over law” that requires motorists to either slow down or change lanes due to emergency personnel or workers on the side of the road–such as police, tow truck drivers and roadside construction workers, if they are not behind a barricade. But despite ongoing and evolving media campaigns […]

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  • bystanders at scene of car accident

    Can You be Sued for Helping a Car Accident Victim?

    Someone who witnesses a car accident or other traumatic personal injury accident and tries to assist the victims in some way is commonly known as a “Good Samaritan,” based on the biblical story. Modern societies seem to have evolved a fear of being a Good Samaritan for mostly legal reasons. Similar to the reflexive fear […]

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  • car goes into ditch after victim hit from behind

    Victim Receives Fair Neck Injury Settlement after 4 Years

    In early 2013, plaintiff in this car accident case was a 56 year-old homemaker who slowed to enter a driveway when she was unexpectedly hit from behind and pushed into a ditch on a semi-rural two lane road by a inattentive motorist. Her car was disabled and so was the full-sized pick-up truck that hit her. […]

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  • cars stacked in junkyard after an accident

    What to Tell Insurance Company After Accident

    If your car was damaged to the point of being undriveable, it was most likely towed to the nearest tow yard. An insurance adjuster will inspect the car there and estimate the cost of repairs. If the cost to repair your vehicle exceeds its market value (how much the car was worth before the accident, […]

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  • the capitol building in sacramento, ca

    Sacramento Has Head Start on New Drunk Driving Law

    If you’ve ever been hit by a drunk driver, this news might be a relief: a bill was signed into California state law last fall, requiring convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices (IIDs) on their cars to prevent and reduce drunk driving accidents. The law goes into effect statewide on January 1, 2019, but […]

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  • Roseville car with smashed crumple zone after car accident

    The Car Safety Feature that May be Hiding Your Injuries

    Sometimes a car accident attorney will agree to take on a client whose injuries don’t seem to match up with the damage done to their vehicle, at least not at first glance. That doesn’t mean that the victim’s injuries weren’t caused by the car accident, but that modern cars are designed to “crumple” during collision, […]

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  • example of a self-driving car which may prevent car accidents

    Frank Penney Injury Lawyer’s Paul Hoybjerg on Legal Issues of Self Driving Cars

    Many of today’s new cars come with some level of automation, such as pre-charged brakes or adaptive cruise control. But if Elon Musk is correct, cars will be completely autonomous by 2023. What impact will this have on drivers, insurance companies, and the automotive industry? Penney Law’s own Paul Hoybjerg covers this in a recent […]

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